This Media Guide

provides media personnel covering the 2022 Pacific Mini Games information that is needed to assist in their work when covering NMPMG2022.

It also provides services information that is needed to know in order to easily access information while on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota for the Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games 2022.

This is a general guide and any questions, inquiries and further information can be obtained from the Pacific Mini Games Main Media Center located at the Multi Purpose Center next to Marianas High School on Saipan off of Beach Road, or by emailing the Communications Supervisor:

For any questions regarding visas, travel, or entering the country, please see the other information pages on this site, and/or email 

Section 1: Press Access

1.1 Registration Instructions for Media & Press Accreditation

Access will be determined by accreditation card and identification. On the accreditation cards, worn by all participants in the NMPMG2022, there will be lettering and symbols identifying areas to which each individual cardholder has access. The access areas will be explained on the back of each card. To sign up and become properly accredited please go to:

Step 1: Read the instructions carefully

Please read the instructions carefully before you start registration for accreditation in the Event-Works System.

Step 2: Review and prepare the required information and documents

Make sure you have all necessary data and documents available before starting the registration process. If you don’t submit all required data and documents during the registration, the system will not allow you to save or submit your profile, and your registration will be invalid/lost. Once you submit the information you will not be able to go back and edit the data.

Each participant of the Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and the latest vaccination certificate must be uploaded in the registration system upon submission of the accreditation application. So please make sure to have your latest COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate scanned on your computer before starting the registration process. Please read the instructions carefully before you start registration for accreditation in the Event-Works System.

Data to be submitted and verified

Everyone is responsible for ensuring that the personal information provided during the registration process is accurate. Mandatory fields must be completed for an application to be accepted for the Pacific Mini Games.

Registration data entered in the Event-Works system must be in English and the following characters are accepted to be used: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, @, +, as well as apostrophes (’) and hyphens (-).

The tables below list the data fields that will need to be completed. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Step 3: Proceed with the registration

By going to this link: you will be directed to the registration portal for the Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games 2022.
First check the “I’m not a robot” checkbox and press ENTER.

Now you can proceed with filling out the required fields in all tabs from PERSONAL DETAILS to ACCOMMODATION. Registration data must be filled out one page at a time, making sure the mandatory information is saved and submitted. When all compulsory data on a page is filled, you can switch to the next page with the NEXT STEP button. You can also switch between pages by clicking on the respective tab on the top of the page.

Once you submitted all necessary information, an accreditation photo, and the proof of vaccination you can proceed to the CONFIRMATION tab where you must press the CONFIRM button to submit your accreditation application.

You will receive a confirmation email of your registration after submission.

Should you have any questions regarding registration and accreditation you may contact

1.2 Competition Venue and Training Venue Access

Media will not be permitted at any Pacific Mini Games Non-Competition Training Venues. However, nominated PGA team photographers will be permitted. Media access at all Pacific Mini Games Competition Training Venues is at the discretion of the Sports Competition Manager.

On each competition site, a zone dedicated to exchanges between the Athletes and accredited journalists will be reserved near the exit from the competition area (mixed zone). It will be a brief exchange and athletes and team supervisors are requested to cooperate with the media.

Regulation 12 Section 6. of the Official Pacific Games Charter, updated November 2021, states:

  • The OC [Organizing Committee] should provide, in the international zone or in its immediate vicinity, interview rooms for use by Teams on request.
  • The meeting and conference rooms in the international zone can also be used by teams for press conferences, either with the press of their own countries & territories or with the international press.

1.3 Athletes Village

No outside Press and/or Media is allowed to stay inside any hotel that is designated as the Athletes Village. Currently, the Hotels designated as the Athletes Village are: Grandvrio Resort, Pacific Islands Club, Coral Ocean Resort on Saipan, and Coral Garden, Bayview, and Hotel Valentino on Rota. No outside Press and/or Media personnel shall have access to the athletes while they stay in the hotels during NMPMG2022.

Section 18. of the charter states:

  • To protect the Games participants from annoyance and disturbance and for security reasons, the village should be separated from the general public.
  • Media representatives should be allowed into the International Zone of the Games Village on a strict quota with the official athletes’ restaurants being excluded. Entry to the Residential Zone must require a special invitation from the respective Chef de Mission.*

*For NMPMG2022 entry must also be approved by the Protocols and Accreditation Office.

1.4 Ceremonies

Protocol 23 of Games Charter states: Victory Ceremonies

  1. (23.1) Medals shall be presented by such dignitaries as selected by the [G]OC in consultation with the PGA and the Executive Board
  2. (23.2) The Ceremony shall take place as soon as possible after each event, preferably at the venue where the competition took place in the following manner:
    • Only the winning athletes (no officials) shall be allowed on to the podium and shall be the only ones presented with medals
    • The victory ceremony is announced. When competitors’ names are called they mount the podium provided, with the winner slightly higher than the second (to the winner’s right) and the third place getter slightly lower than second to the winner’s left.
    • The order for the presentation of medals shall be third, second and first. Facing the podium the person presenting the medals should have the first prize (gold medal) winner on the highest point of the podium, second prize (silver medal) on the Presenter’s left and the third prize (bronze medal) on the Presenter’s right.
    • After presentation of medals, all competitors and presenters shall face the victory flagpoles. The victory anthem of the winner’s country shall be played while the national flags of the three medal winners are raised. The winner’s flag shall be in the center with second on the left and third on the right as viewed from the winner’s podium.

During the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games 2022, there will be designated areas for accredited press and media to film, record, and take pictures of the event. These areas will be clearly marked with signs and on all wayfinders. Media and Press in unauthorized areas will be asked to leave the restricted areas. Failure to comply could result in removal of accreditation and privileges.

Section 2: Ownership & Rights

Section 3: Visual Identity

ARTICLE 27 – Symbol, Flag and Emblems

  1. The Council shall establish the emblem and may establish other symbols of the Pacific Games and the Pacific Mini Games. All rights to the emblem and/or other symbols shall belong exclusively to the Council.
  2. The Council shall establish the flag of the Pacific Games and the Pacific Mini Games. All rights to the flag shall belong exclusively to the Council.
  3. The emblem and/or other symbols and flag of the Pacific Games and the Pacific Mini Games, or any representation thereof, shall not be used for any purpose without the express written approval of the Council.
  4. Each PGA may and each OC shall incorporate the emblem of the Council along with a design of its own choosing to make its own emblem, subject to the written approval of the Council.
    • 6. The emblems of a PGA and OC shall not be used for commercial purposes except as specifically allowed under Article 28.

To access the Logo files, please send a request to Nishtah Sharma Thomas, the Marketing and Communications Supervisor, at:

All usage of the logo MUST be approved by the Marketing and Communications Supervisor

The NMPMG2022 Official Logo – Usage Guidelines

The NMPMG2022 logo should work across all media. The style you choose will depend on the environment in which the logo appears. To ensure the expression of the logo is right for its context, we have created a system that includes different color systems and versions. So whether the logo appears on print, web, screen, TV, or fabrics, you will have great design flexibility to adapt the logo to its appropriate design context.

The NMPMG2022 logo is unique, cultural, and unifying, representing the key values that characterize the Northern Marianas and the Pacific Games.

Logo Colors

It is important that the logo is always reproduced in the correct colors. Please use the specific breakdowns provided to get the best possible color matches. All artwork files are available using the correct colors and gradients, and are not to be altered in any circumstances. The colors that appear on your screen or that you print from your computer may not accurately represent the colors.

Please note: the lettering at the bottom of the portrait logo, or on the right of the landscape version, is a part of the Logo and cannot be taken out when used.

Logo Use

The full color version of the logo should always be used when possible. The main version of the logo (full color) should always be used over white, black, or greyscale backgrounds (1).

Whenever the logo has to be displayed over conflicting images or backgrounds, a white box/area could ideally be created (2) or, when this is not possible, the monochrome – all white or all black – versions of the logo could be used (3).

Unacceptable Logo Use

When using the logo, be wary not to alter, tweak, mutilate, or take any personal creative freedom that breaks the specific rules set out in this book. The following are merely a few examples of practices that would violate the logo and ultimately the NMPMG2022 brand:

Sports Pictograms

There are 9 sports on the program for the Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games 2022: Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Beach Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Triathlon, Va’a (Outrigger), and Weightlifting.

Each sport has a designated pictogram, seen below, the color of each pictogram corresponds to the set colors of the logo, the color of the pictograms cannot be changed. When placing/listing the pictograms together, they would be placed in alphabetical order (as listed above, and shown below).

In terms of approved backgrounds, the colored pictograms have more flexibility than the logo, and so they can be placed on different colored backgrounds as long as the pictograms are still clearly visible.

If placed over a conflicting background, the black and white version, seen below, of said pictogram should be used.

Other regulations previously stated for the NMPMG2022 Logo, also apply to the sports pictograms.

Please contact the Marketing and Communications Supervisor, Nishtah Sharma Thomas, at: to access the proper pictogram files.


To communicate quickly and simply without distracting from your message, our brand consistently uses “Montserrat” as the primary typeface. Choosing from a combination of weights, you can use it as the primary typeface to create a clear and consistent visual hierarchy. Done right, your use of type will draw readers’ attention, first, and maintain a sense of clarity, order, legibility, and structure throughout your written communication.

Official Partners

Our logo may be displayed in conjunction with an official partner logo. In this case, the approved digital artwork for official partners (to be provided under request) must always be used. Never attempt to generate it using single elements without the use of the approved digital artwork. Due to the different nature and layout of each future partner’s logo, the final composition must always be submitted to us for approval of conformity with our brand guidelines. The boxed wording “OFFICIAL PARTNER OF THE PACIFIC MINI GAMES” in the specific language, position, typeface, color and size provided in the approved digital artwork should always be used.

Section 4: Accommodations

Protocol 10.2 of the Games Charter

The OC [Organizing Committee] may provide a separate Village for accredited media representatives. The cost of accommodation, meals, and other services provided shall be at the expense of the media representatives.

Provided Accommodations for Media at NMPMG2022

Per the Charter, NMPMG2022 is allocating traveling press and media to stay in the World Resort on Saipan, which is practically across the street from the planned Media Center (Multi-purpose Center). For media planning on traveling to the island of Rota, where the Triathlon will be hosted, accommodations must be found by traveling media on their own.

Booking at the World Resort

World Resort reservations must be made directly with the hotel, a preferred room rate was negotiated for Media:

The room rate is $149.50 per room per night, tax included.

  • Hotel shall provide a complimentary breakfast at Hotel’s designated restaurant outlet to all room occupants.
  • The room category for this shall be superior rooms.
  • All rooms will be provided with two twin beds.
  • Rooms are double occupancy, with maximum of two adults per room. (additional charge will apply for additional occupants).

Media must book directly with the hotel using the forms linked below.

Point of contact is Michael Babauta:

Protocol 9.2 of the Charter

Media and Officials acting solely as technical officials (referees, judges, etc) are not permitted to live in the Games athletes village.

Section 5: Transport

11.2 of The Charter

A system of free bus transport must be made available for team members, technical officials (referees, judges, etc) and news media personnel going to the competition and other necessary venues. Accreditation cards or passes should if possible give the right of free use of the host country’s public transport.

Transportation Details at NMPMG2022

Athletes, Team Officials, Technical Officials, and Accredited Media will be transported by a Venue Dedicated Bus Services for the official Mini Games period, June 10th – June 27th, 2022. The Venue Dedicated Bus Service has been programmed around the Sports Competition Schedule. Buses will leave for Venues as per the Sports Competition Schedule with Accredited Games Family. Services to Competition and Training Venues will cease upon completion of that sport’s competition. Bus services for all Sports cease by 17:00 on the last day of competition. Details of Service will be made available upon arrival in Saipan.

Section 6: General Reference Information

The Pacific Games Council Charter can be downloaded from the Pacific Games website ( under the heading, “Pacific Games Charter”.


The games should always be referred to as the Pacific Mini Games. You can also use the full official name: Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games 2022, which is commonly referred to by its shortened version: NMPMG2022.

The Pacific Mini Games were known as the South Pacific Mini Games prior to 2009.

The Pacific Games Council: Manages and organizes the Pacific Games and the Pacific Mini Games a multi-sport event with participation from Pacific Island Countries and Territories. Made up of a group of national multisport organizations from the Pacific Islands. There are currently 22 members. Pitcairn Island is the only Pacific Community member that is not a member of the Pacific Council, whereas Norfolk Island was admitted as a member of the Pacific Games Council although not a member of the Pacific Community.

GOC or OC Games Organizing Committee or Organizing Committee

For any public reference made to the NMPMG specific Organizing Committee, the media must specify that it is the Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games Organizing Committee.

For any other questions regarding PMG terminology or information see: the PGC Charter

Venue Codes:

  • Oleai Sports Complex (OSC)
  • Oleai Track & Field (OTF)
  • Gilbert C. Ada Gymnasium (GCA)
  • Francisco “Tan Ko” Palacios Baseball Field (FPB)
  • Crowne Plaza Resort Saipan (CPR)
  • Tachogna Beach Tinian (TIN)
  • Coral Ocean Resort (COR)
  • American Memorial Park (AMP)
  • Pacific Islands Club (PIC)
  • West Marina Harbor, Rota (ROT)
  • 13 Fisherman Memorial Monument Beach (FMB)
  • Marianas High School (MHS)
  • Marianas High School Cafeteria (CAF)
  • Kensington Hotel (KEN)
  • Aqua Resorts Club (ARC)
  • Garapan Fishing Base (GFB)

Section 7: Maps & Plans


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