COVID-19 Protocols & Medical Information

COVID-19 and Medical Protocols are a very important component of the 2022 Pacific Mini Games.

COVID is at the forefront of all our minds at the moment.

NMPMG2022 wants to do all we can to ensure that the games we host will be free of the COVID-19 virus, so that all participants can stay safe. It is our plan that all athletes compete and return home safely, without any spread of COVID. We also recognize the importance of safeguarding your communities at home from COVID-19.

The CNMI COVID task force takes guidance from the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. The US CDC recommends that the best way to mitigate the spread is for everyone to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and booster.

It is because of this, that NMPMG2022 is requiring all athletes and participants be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to the start of the Pacific Mini Games.

Boosters are not required, however we are highly encouraging everyone also get a booster after 6 months of their vaccination.


The NMI Public Health Team has produced a COVID-19 and Health Guidebook for the Pacific Mini Games. This includes the COVID-19 Protocols for entry into the Northern Mariana Islands.

The following Guidebook is a living document. This means that these protocols are subject to change as this pandemic and circumstances are constantly evolving. However, they are the official protocols to be completely followed by all Pacific Mini Games Participants.

Additionally, if you still have any specific questions regarding COVID-19 or any other Medical Protocols, please send them to: And we will address them directly with our Public Health Team.

For other inquiries please see our Contact Page.

Lastly, the NMPMG Organizing Committee would like to recognize the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation!

We greatly appreciate all of their hard work. And we thank them for not only putting together the Pacific Mini Games COVID Guidebook, but also providing medical aid throughout #NMPMG2022.


Thank you for Rising Up To The Challenge!