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June 17 – 25, 2022

Hafa Adai & Tirow

The Northern Mariana Islands are an archipelago of 14 islands – including Saipan, Tinian, and Rota – in the Western Pacific. Latte stone limestone monoliths from ancient times, traditional nature-based ocean navigation not reliant on modern technology, and a culture seasoned by East and West influences are just a few of the experiences awaiting athletes and officials of the Pacific Mini Games 2022.

The Northern Mariana Islands are a U.S. commonwealth and home to indigenous Chamorro and Carolinian people, as well as over 20 different ethnicities from around the world who live and work in this harmonious tropical paradise.

Image Credit: Junji Takasago

About Us: Meet the Staff

From left to right:

Nishtah Sharma Thomas (Communications and Marketing Supervisor), Marie Christ Fajardo Manebo (Administrative Assistant), Vicente (Ben) Babauta (CEO), Marco Peter (Chair), Ray Tebuteb (Sports Director), Ezra Yumul, Michele Joab (Office Manager and HR), Ladyvir Canape (Finance Manager).

29 Members

Games Organizing Committee

Marco Peter

workChairman, Games Organizing Committee NMPMG2022

Vicente (Ben) Babauta

workC.E.O., Games Organizing Committee NMPMG2022

Dr. Alfred Ada

CNMI Public School System

James Ada

Secretary of Public Works

David Apatang

Mayor of Saipan

Joann Aquino

Director of Operations,
Mayor Office

David Atalig

Secretary of Finance

Jesse Atalig

workCNMI Customs

Kelvin Bautista

workDirector of the Office of the President,
Northern Marianas College

Tony Benavente

workSecretary of the Dept. Land and Natural Resources

Gary Camacho

workExecutive Director, Commonwealth Utilities Corporation

Gloria Cavanagh

workPresident of Hotel Association, Northern Mariana Islands

Joey Dela Cruz

workHomeland Security

Frankie Eliptico

workVice President,
Northern Marianas College

Nick Gross

workDirector of Sports, CNMI Public School System

Joe Deleon Guerrero

workSecretary of Community and Cultural Affairs

Patrick Guerrero

workPublic Assistance Officer,
Office of the Governor

Robert Guerrero

workPolice Commissioner

John Hirsh

workExecutive Director,
American Red Cross NMI Chapter

Robert Hunter

workSenior Policy Advisor,
Office of the Governor

Priscilla Lakopo

workManaging Director,
Marianas Visitor Authority

Dennis Mendiola

Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services

Erlinda Naputi

workExecutive Director,
Joeten-Kiyu Public Library

Alex Sablan

Oversight Committee

Carline Sablan

workExecutive Director,
Northern Marianas Sports Association

Joe Saures

workAssistant Chief of Police,
Northern Marianas

Jerry Tan

Northern Marianas Sports Association

Warren Villagomez

COVID-19 Task Force


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