The Oceania Athletics Association, along with their partners the Oceania National Olympic Committees and the Pacific Games Council, have hosted many conferences and sessions for athletes throughout the Oceania Region. However, this is the first time that they are bringing their purpose to the Pacific Mini Games hosted in Saipan by the Northern Mariana Islands. What is their purpose you might ask? It is to start conversations on educational topics that benefit athletes.

Facilitators of the sessions here at the 2022 Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games, Regan Kama and Alison Fairweather from the Oceania Athletics Association shared that the Oceania Athletics Association conducts annual reports every year and ‘Wellbeing’ became one of the recent topics that was concluded as being an important aspect when educating an athlete, today. Kama and Fairweather are joined by Ryan Pini who is a Pacific Games Council Executive Board Member, but what makes this position more meaningful for him is that his seat on the board was voted on by athletes. Pini mentioned the overall commitment, pride, and responsibility he has in ensuring the mindset of athletes are taken into consideration in all spectrums. It is only fitting that the time granted to these three facilitators is used for the sole purpose of educating an athlete by starting a conversation on a topic that has become so prevalent in today’s world.

‘Wellbeing’ has been an educational topic before the COVID-19 Pandemic, but since then has only become an even more pressing discussion (and will continue to be). Everyone struggles with the upkeeping and sustainment of their own personal wellbeing. Although perspectives and priorities are different between athletes and coaches, the pressure of fulfillment and experiences of difficulty/trial-and-error is one in the same. Kama, Fairweather, and Pini are here to get the conversation started. They strive to provide education on how to flourish back into positivity when athletes or coaches find themselves in a negative mindset. Although the conversations are starting here at the 2022 Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games, it will not end here!

Another educational ‘Wellbeing’ session will be held for all athletes and coaches of all sports at 2:00 p.m. in the Grandvrio Conference Room, Grandvrio Hotel on Friday, June 24, 2022. All are encouraged to participate!