Events like the 2022 Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games are an opportunity for athletes from various different walks of life to compete with other talented competitors. These athletes do so with their own hard work and dedication, and it is imperative that they are all competing on equal and fair terms. The use of performance-enhancing drugs compromises the integrity of these events and it is important that we ensure that no contestant has an unfair advantage over another.

During the Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games 2022, anti-doping procedures and programs have been put into place to prevent the use of these substances. Using the Pacific Mini Games council’s rules and regulations, the Oceanic Regional Anti-Doping Organization (ORADO) is in charge of the anti-doping and testing programs for the 2022 Pacific Mini Games.

With the help of Voice of the Athletes, ORADO has set up the Play True Pasifik Outreach Program, a program meant to spread awareness and information on anti-doping and the rules and regulations. You can learn more at the Doping Control Stations located at Marianas High School nursing stations, the Marianas High School Gym, Pacific Islands Club, and Grandvrio Resort.

In addition to their Outreach Program, ORADO partnered with ONOC Oceania Sport Education Program to educate, train, and help local persons become certified Doping Control Officers and Chaperones.