The 2022 Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games is an opportunity for the countries of the Pacific to unite and bolster their relations. This message is even more so relevant today. Olympic Day, first celebrated on June 23rd, 1894, further exemplifies the importance of diversity, solidarity, and the ability for us as people to come together and share in revelry.
Olympic Day was originally created to promote the Olympic Movement annually. As the years have progressed, its purpose and message has evolved and grown into something much greater.

Founded in the pillars of “Move, learn, discover — Together for a better world”, Olympic Day is meant to spread sports to everyone, regardless of age, gender, social background or sporting ability. This year, a new pillar has risen to bolster the message of Olympic Day. This pillar is entitled “Together for a better world”.
This year’s Olympic Day theme is meant to push the idea that together we can bring peace. It is a call to action for everyone, of any and all nations, to come together and support a peaceful world.

Each country celebrates Olympic Day differently. Some have incorporated its message and teachings into their school curriculum and some have their own sporting events.