The first medals of the Pacific Mini Games 2022 have been won (medal ceremony will be held on the last date of the competition). Papua New Guinea’s women’s tennis team and the Northern Mariana Islands’ men’s tennis team both won the gold medals in their respective events this evening. Here are the results:

MEN’S TENNIS TEAM: Official Gold, Silver, and Bronze Results
GOLD: Robert Henry Schorr, Colin Sherwood Sinclair, Bobby James Aguon Cruz, and Colin Nyle Ramsey, NMI
SILVER: Clement Mainguy, Aymeric Mara, Noah Molbaleh, and Zachary Sands, Vanuatu
BRONZE: Reynald Taaroa, Gillian Osmont, Heimanarii Lai San, and Robert Chonvant, Tahiti

WOMEN’S TENNIS TEAM: Official Gold, Silver, and Bronze Results
GOLD: (Sisters) Violet Apisah, Abigail Tere-Apisah and Patricia Apisah, PNG
SILVER: Ruby Coffin, Saoirse Breen, and Josephine Grace Debalevu, Fiji
BRONZE: (game to determine bronze winner still being played as of 8:00pm June 18, 2022)

Again, please note that the tennis medal ceremony will take place on the last day of the competition.
Results and other information can be found on the Pacific Mini Games website at