Saipan made its mark in history hosting the Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games 2022 for the first time in history. On Friday night, the Games began with an opening ceremony for all to enjoy.

With over 3000 spectators attending the opening ceremony in person, and countless people watching the livestream, the Pacific Games spirit is alive and well in Saipan.

“This was truly an auspicious moment for the NMI and the NMI people. We are proud to display all the great things about our home,” said NMPMG2022 Chairman Marco Peter.

Highlights from the opening ceremony included the parade of participating countries, the torch relay coupled with the lighting of the cauldron, cultural dances, and the first ever drone show in NMI History! “Never have I seen large groups from all over in Oceania coming together and uniting in the Games spirit,” said Marco Peter.

The Marianas Pacific Mini Games Organizing Committee and the Pacific Mini Games Council encourage everyone to keep coming out to Games or watch the Games in the comfort of your home via the livestream accessible on the Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games website. Cheer for your favorite athlete or delegation and enjoy all who have come to play throughout Oceania.