The NMPMG2022 will be holding events throughout the NMI, including Rota. “The Municipality of Rota and her people proudly welcome our fellow brothers and sisters from all over Oceania with over 2,000 athletes, coaches, officials, and their families,” said Rota Mayor Efraim M. Atalig.

With the Games being held in the NMI for the first time, Rota will have its place in Games history hosting events located on its beautiful island. “Our people are deeply humbled as the Municipality of Rota will have a role in this historic event carrying the mantel of legacy like many of our fellow Oceania participating countries before us,” stated Mayor Atalig.

“The recent statement from Rota Mayor Efraim M. Atalig pledging Rota’s support and excitement to play a role in the NMIPMG2022, has me beaming with pride. I am honored to call the NMI home. The hospitality and national pride of the NMI people are the tenets that embody the very spirit of the Pacific Mini Games, said PMG Chairman Marco Peter.

Chairman Peter further added, “The NMPMG2022 is the perfect opportunity for our NMI people to share our culture and open our homes to visiting countries and learn about their different cultures and customs, all while bonding over athleticism and competition.” “On behalf of the good people of Rota, we wish all of our participating athletes good luck and have fun,” said Mayor Atalig.

As preparations are under way for the NMPMG2022, the NMI people have demonstrated that they are One Marianas pulling together to host a historical event and showcase the talent, hospitality, and beauty of the NMI.