The Countdown Continues! – Only 144 days left

We are pleased to announce that we now have a full staff here at the Pacific Mini Games office!

As a full staff, we are working on connecting with the local national teams and sports participating in the games this summer. And so, after work this past Friday, we met with the Va’a team and learned some paddling tips and tricks from them!

As of this week, construction on Oleai Sports Complex is supposed to begin. We will be having Badminton in Ada Gym, Athletics on the Track and Field, and Baseball on the Francisco “Tan Ko” Palacios Baseball Field. For most of our other venues, we are just working on making sure they are up to the official Mini Games standards. We have also procured most of the materials required for each sport, like new V6 Va’a canoes and a nice new set of bikes for the triathlon competitors.

We have been collaborating with local businesses and working to create sponsorship deals with many of them. At 10:30 am on Thursday, February 3rd, we will be having a press conference in the Joeten Motors Show Room to officially sign on the Joeten Daidai Foundation as a Platinum Sponsor for the games! We hope to see you all there.

Want to be a part of the games? Let us know how you would like to help, either right away with organization and planning, or during the event itself. Sign up to volunteer today at:

Any and all information regarding the games will be added to our Website: as things continue to be finalized.